Tech Experts: Don’t Bet on PS5 Pro for Smooth GTA 6 Gameplay


Absolutely! Here’s an article based on the idea that the PS5 Pro may not deliver smooth 60fps gameplay for GTA 6 Tech experts have indicated that gamers should not expect the upcoming PS5 Pro console to run the highly anticipated game GTA 6 at 60 frames per second (fps).

Don’t Expect PS5 Pro to Run GTA 6 at 60fps, Tech Experts Say

Fans eagerly awaiting GTA 6 might be in for some disappointment, at least according to tech experts. Rumors surrounding a potential PS5 Pro have sparked hopes of a smoother, 60fps experience for the highly anticipated game, but insider analysis suggests it might not be as simple as that.

The CPU Bottleneck

Tech experts like Richard Leadbetter, founder of Digital Foundry, cite the relatively small CPU boost expected in the PS5 Pro as the limiting factor. He states, “Unless there’s some magical CPU stuff being done by Rockstar, I suggest that [60fps] is not going to happen.” This is because the game’s complex simulation and AI calculations tend to rely heavily on processor power.

What Could the PS5 Pro Deliver?

While a consistent 60fps may be out of reach, the PS5 Pro is still expected to deliver significant improvements. Enhanced visuals, better resolution (likely upscaled 4K), and potentially higher framerates in less demanding scenarios are likely.

Managing Expectations

Fans hoping for a massive leap forward in performance might need to calibrate their expectations. Rockstar Games is known for pushing consoles to their limits, and GTA 6 will undoubtedly be a visually stunning game. It’s just important to remember that achieving a consistent 60fps within such a massive open-world might not be feasible, even with a mid-cycle hardware upgrade.

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